Because we are still on the ice, our body is unilaterally burdened and this needs to be addressed. We HTC Praha have decided to prepare the camp so that we can make the most of summer time for effective preparation in all aspects. Players are divided into age and performance groups.

Contents of summer camps in HTC Prague:

Monday to Thursday: 4x ice training - skating technique, how the player should work properly with the body in hockey situations (skatemill/treadmill training in practice)

Daily: shooting training - every day the player will train shooting for 2 hours (1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the afternoon)

Daily: conditioning-coordination, coordination-balance training units 1.5 h (distribution according to age categories)

Daily: skatemill/treadmill - each player skates one match (icetime), skating technique, body work, coordination of movements, consultation of limiting factors and their elimination, advanced training units

Daily: compensatory exercises, physio- if you provide a report from a sports doctor, we will focus on the shortcomings in a targeted manner

Tuesday and Friday: in addition with a swimming pool and beach volleyball on Friday - Float-Fit water training and the camp will end with a competition according to the NHL Competition Skills

Other activities: table tennis, reaction skills, peripheral vision, video analysis of hockey matches

Lunch, snacks, drinking regime from Gatorade, (sleeping at HTC Prague + breakfast, dinner). Evening barbecues are a matter of course! Fruit, yoghurts, cottage cheese with frozen fruit, muesli, milk, tea, quality hams, pastries are always available for breakfast. Quality ingredients for the diet are absolutely essential!

Dates of kep: 4.7.-8.7., 11.7.-15.7., 18.7.-22.7., 25.7.-29.7., 1.8.-5.8., 8.8.-12.8.

weekly cycles starting on Monday at 8 am (meeting 7-8 am), the camp ends on Friday at 5 pm. If the athlete does not sleep HTC Prague, the collection takes place at 5 pm. The price of the camp without sleeping is CZK 7,900, with sleeping + CZK 900 (for dinner and breakfast, price for the whole week). VIP card 10% discount. Siblings CZK 7,000 / person.

Equipment: complete equipment, gym clothes (clean shoes!), Towel, spare gym clothes, swimwear, hygiene items, sleeping bag.

Payment to account 1011027/5500 and in the message for the recipient it is necessary to state the email and the name of the camp participant.

The number of places per camp / tour is a maximum of 15. We look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions, please call 739029969, 702027555.

 6. 1. 2022