We offer big variety of programs simple filtering will help you choose by various criteria. Turn on or off filtering criteria based on what is important to you. You'll see only those programs that fit your requirements. If you still do not find the program to your looking for, do not worry, you can set up your own program depending on what you want to improve. Call us, contact us and we will prepare a custom program for you personally. After consultation with experts we lay out special training program customized to customer requirements.

Skating technique

The program aims to improve technique and performance of skating.

Making individual training plan

Compile an individual plan mainly for pre-season training or training after injury.


Diagnostics is a standard part of the training preparation, because the knowledge of initial state of player is essential for developing of a training plan. Diagnostics involve multiple programs from which you can choose one or a combination of several...

Skating technique analysis

For players who want to find their weaknesses in skating technique we offer evaluation of skating technique on hockey skatemill, which is done with video analysis.

Combined HTC Praha package

This package connects two programs, the Evaluation of a player (Condition-coordination abilities and Skating technique Analyses ) and Skating techniques. The program aims to improve skating technique and is constructed for maximum individualization between trainer and player.

Custom program

The program is based on the players requirements. It is made after consultation with our specialists.

Comprehensive pre-season preparation for youth players

This program is designed for professional preparation of players born 1999-2002. It consists of weekly units and can be attended during the months of May, June and start of July. Continuation of the program will be Summer Training Camp, July 11th - 15th, 2016.

Comprehensive preparation for professional players

The program is designed for pre-season preparation of professional players. It consists of micro-cycle trainings during months May, June and start of July. Preparation is complex, e.g. includes diagnostics of player, trainings and additional services.

Goalie condition training

The program aims to improve the goalkeeping skills, with an emphasis on agility and reaction.