Fusion Skating Skatemill

Fifth generation of the hockey skatemill HST A230 together with chosen programmes creates unique package Fusion Skating Skatemill. It is focused on perfection of player’s individual skills. Its main objective is to develop:

  • Skating Technique
  • Shooting abilities
  • Peripheral vision
  • Condition and coordination abilities
  • and provide a tool for professional Sport Testing

Hockey Diagnostics

It is a comprehensive solution for testing and evaluation of coordination-conditioning abilities of a test subject. Sport Testing Solution is ideal for every kind of sport. Moreover, Sport Testing includes a set of tests specifically designed for ice hockey players.

Sport Testing Diagnostics system includes pre-made tests divided into three groups according to the environment in which the tests are carried out. The test can be in the gym areas (Dryland), hockey rink (On Ice) and skating treadmill (stride power).

Training Plans

Making a competent and proper training plan is a necessary condition for the development of a rapid and substantial gaming performance of the athletes.

Shooting zone & Shooting Navigation

This programme is focused on development of accuracy, power and ability to shoot. It also offers the function of shooting accuracy percentage evaluation, which gives the player great tool to monitor his improvement and also to compare himself with the other players.

Synthetic Ice FunIce

World’s most popular solution for building a rink with unlimited usage. The main advantages compared to regular ice are year-round use and environmental friendliness.

GYM Equipment

An essential component in every hockey center is the training on Dryland. Therefore we created a GYM specialized on needs of hockey players and hockey teams. The main objective was to give coaches possibility to train with individuals or teams.

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